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APACE Science represents high technology leading companies in U.S. and U.K. who are speciallized in organic and inorganic scintillators, small circuit board type full-digital MCA for embedded use and USB interface PMT base, and low energy ion gun and ion source instruments, ion beam real time viewer/monitor and also represents high voltage supply modules for analytical equipments.    Also represents the company who manufactures the fuel rod scanner system (active / passive).
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ELJEN Technology
ELJEN Technology
  plastic scintillators
  liquid scintillators
  detector assemblies
  accessories for scintillation detectors
Proteus, Inc.
   PWO, LiI(Eu) and, various inorganic scintillation crystals
   and detector arrays.   organic single crystal scintillators
   (anthracene, stilbene, p-terphenyl)
Applied Kilovolts
Applied Kilovolts, Ltd.
   high voltage supply modules for analytical instruments
   high voltage supply modules for ion physics
   high voltage supply modules for PMTs, X-ray tubes, etc.
Applied Scintillation Technologies
Applied Scintillation Technologies
   Li-6, Li-7, Li-natural doped glass scintillators.
   imaging screens for X-ray and neutron
   phosphor screens, laser beam viewer, etc., etc.
Colutron Research Corp.
COLUTRON Research Corp.
   low energy ion gun system, ion source and peripherals,
   ion beam kit, ExB mass filter and deflectors, etc.
Bridgeport Instruments, LLC.
Bridgeport Instruments
   embedded pcb-type MCA ( eMorpho ) with USB i/f.,
   PMT base ( Twinbase ) with USB i/f
Alpha Spectra Inc.
Alpha Spectra, Inc.

   NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors
Beam Imaging Solutions
Beam Imaging Solutions
   ion beam viewer, ion beam imager,
   quadrupole ion beam deflector (electrostatic)
PhotoPeak, Inc.
NDA Technologies

   active / passive fuel rod scanners and software
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   LGB scintillation crystal for neutron detection
Radiation Sensors
Radiation Sensors

   NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors
ADIT PhotomultiplierTubes
ADIT PhotomultiplierTubes

   photomultiplier tubes

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