Photogenics LGB scintillation crystal
for neutron detection
LGB ( 6Li6natGd10B3O9:Ce+ ) ( Lithium Gadrium Borate, Ce doped )
LGB scintillation single crystal and applied instruments are under the R&D work at Photogenics.

below photos show a couple of LGB crystal example, and emission spectrum is shown in right

LGB scintillation crystal emission spectrum

LGB crystal cone sliced LGB crystal

  physical constants of LGB:Ce
  specific gravity
  ( Li-6, Gd-nat., B-10 )
3.50   max emission
  ~ 390nm
  photon yield
5,310 /MeV   photon yield
  (neutron capture)
9,960 /MeV
  emission decay  ( major ) ~ 200nSec   emission decay  ( minor ) ~ 800nSec
  refractive index, @405nm 1.670   refractive index, @405nm 1.646

Left spectrum exhibits LGB single crystal response to Cf-252 source.

as an extended trial of LGB scintillation crystal application, tiny crystal particles diffused into PVT base plastic matrix scintillator is also under the development
Left spectrum shows LGB / PVT base plastic scintillator matrix response to Cf-252 source

photograph in right, shows the example of thin disc shape LGB/PVT-matrix element ( 2mm thick x 2 inch dia )

  LGB scintillation crystal and instruments are under the R&D.
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